Lutheran Church, Sharpsburg

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 Located along the Boonsboro Pike (also called Main St) the Lutheran Church at Sharpsburg is most famous for the stunning photo taken in the aftermath of the battle by Alexander Gardner (1821-1882) and held in the US Library of Congress: LC-DIG-cwpb-01127. The model shows much of the stucco falling off, particularly on the eastern side which faced the Union lines. Confederate signalmen occupied the steeple for most of the battle, and thus the building did take fire in an attempt to disrupt and dislodge them. Further damage occured later in the day during the afternoon attacks by IX Corp (Burnsides) on the Confederate lines.

With only this single photo I have made the assumption that most churches tend to mirror themselves, though have taken poetic license to add a back door and in how I patterned the damage on the sides most away from the battle.

This 3D rendering is scaled for 15mm, comes ready to print and is designed with FDM printers in mind.. In keeping with my belief that terrain should be above all else usable this model has been sized so that standard base sizes to fit inside, with a removable roof, and is tall enough to not crush the bayonets of said troops.

For other scales, I suggest the following, though you may prefer to experiment to ensure the model "looks right" on your tabletop: