About The Gun Bar...

I've always enjoyed a table full of well constructed terrain for my troops to fight in, around and even over. More so than the painting of figures, the construction of terrain has always been my favourite part, save for the gathering of friends, the rolling of dice, and the imbibing of libations.

Some of my terrain has ended up on the tables of friends as periods came in and out of fashion, but it was never my goal to create terrain for others.

3D printing changed that.

Basically, at the Gun Bar I make 3D printable models primarily for myself and my wargaming interests, with one caveat, the nature of 3D printing and the ease of the Internet allow me to share these creations a little more easily with others who have similar interests.

The models are created after careful research and adhere to three principles, they must be usable on the tabletop, in terms of scale and "look", they must be printable by home (or hobbyist) level 3D printers and they must be as historically accurate as possible without violating the first two considerations.

I primarily design for 15mm or 20mm (1/72), since these are the scales I usually play, however available printing technology also allows for the models to be scaled and printed for 28mm, or even 6mm, if that's your preferred playing scale.