European Windmill

  • $12.00

This is a "generic" wooden windmill suitable for European Battlefields, such as Ligny or Valmy. 

This multi piece .stl 3D rendering is scaled for 15mm and comes ready to print on your own 3D printer. It will require some assembly and gluing, prior to painting, to make it tabletop ready. The model can be assembled so the blades still turn or so they are fixed in place. This model is not really suitable for the placing of troop models inside.

Note: In the photo the windmill blades have been cut to simulate battle damage, the original .stl file has no such damage and are whole.

This model was chiefly inspired by the 1875 Ernest Crofts painting The Battle of LignyThough a similar styled windmill can be seen in both the 1826 painting Battle of Valmy by Horace Vernet, and the earlier Battle by the Windmill by Joseph Parrocel dating from the late 17th C, albeit the latter does depict a more ornate base. Similarly the watercolour by Carle Vernet held by The British Museum (item number: 1891,1031.296) depicts French cavalry charging by a (or rather two quite fancy) windmills at Quatre Bras, though I can't find references to windmills at Quatre Bras elsewhere.

For other scales, I suggest the following, though you may prefer to experiment to ensure the model "looks right" on your tabletop: