Dunker Church, Antietam

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The Dunker (or Dunkard) Church and the nearby Miller cornfield formed a focal point during the battle of Antietam, and featured in much of the battle on the Union right and Confederate left.

Of note because the area saw both the Union "Iron Brigade" under Brig. Gen. John Gibbons and the Confederate "Texas Brigade" under Col. William T. Wofford fight over the cornfield to the north and woods to the west of the church.

The model is based on a photographs taken in the aftermath of the battle, by Alexander Gardner (1821-1882) and held in the US Library of Congress: LC-DIG-cwpb-01115, which show the south and east faces of the church. While a sketch by Alfred Waud (1828-1891) also held by the US Library of Congress: LC-DIG-ppmsca-21018, shows the church from the north. For the west side I simply relied that the National Park Services "got it right" when they rebuilt and restored the church in 1962, after it was destroyed in 1921 by a storm. It should be noted that while the model is based on contemporary photographs it does not reflect any battle damage, and thus represents the church on the morning of the 17th September 1862.

This 3D rendering is scaled for 15mm, comes ready to print and is designed with FDM printers in mind. Other scales can be adjusted using the slicing software of your choice. (see the chart below for scaling suggestions) In keeping with my belief that terrain should be above all else usable, this model has been created with a removable roof. There are three parts to the model, and it is suggested that the two parts tat make up the building (excluding the roof) be glued together.

Printing Suggestion: The "Brick Detailing" file should be aligned upside down within your slicing software to avoid excessive overhangs.