La Haye Sainte

  • $30.00

The walled farmhouse on the Charleroi-Brussels road in Belgium, located in the center of the battlefield at Waterloo. It was primarily defended by approx. 400 soldiers of the King's German Legion during the Battle of Waterloo. 

This multi piece .stl 3D rendering is scaled for 15mm and comes ready to print, included within the download are alternative files for those who have 3D printers with a smaller print bed, or who may wish to print in a larger scale.

Note: If is applies to you, then some pieces will require some assembly and gluing prior to painting in order to make it tabletop ready.

In keeping with our belief that terrain should be above all else usable this model has been sized to standard base sizes to fit inside, and is tall enough to not crush the bayonets of marching troops.

Rather than rely on a single source for this model, I utilised watercolours, lithographs, postcards and even modern photos to arrive at my final model. For full details of my research (see here). This is the same file shared with my Kickstarter backers. 

For a good insight into the defence of the farmhouse I suggest, The Longest Afternoon, by Brendan Simm. (at Amazon)

For other scales, I suggest the following, though you may prefer to experiment to ensure the model "looks right" on your tabletop: